Frequently Asked Questions

Teaching the Skills Necessary to be a Successful Business Owner in Commercial Cleaning

What does the training consist of?

DBC provides new franchise owners with initial training in the operation of a commercial franchise business. The training includes proper methods of professional cleaning, team cleaning, sales and management.

Do I need to quit my present job to get started?

No, you do not need to quit your job to get started. Many franchise owners start out on a part-time basis. You can grow your business to the point where you can leave your job and operate your franchise as a full-time business. You can grow your business at the pace you feel comfortable with.

Does DBC provide financing?

Yes. The amount of the financing available depends on the size of the franchise package you choose. DBC has packages as low as $1500 down and we can finance the rest.

How can Orbit Cleaning Concepts (DBC) help me get started in my own business?

Through our regional support office, DBC will offer you the right to provide service to DBC customers. DBC offers a comprehensive training program to new franchise owners. The program teaches the skills necessary to be successful in commercial cleaning and to be a successful business owner.

To get started, call 855.665.3400 and schedule a meeting at our office. We will explain the DBC franchise program to you and provide you with information to take home. There is no cost or obligation to the meeting.

Where will my accounts be?

DBC will try to locate your customer accounts as close to your home or area, as you have requested.

What time do accounts get cleaned?

Most accounts want to be cleaned after 6:00 PM and before 7:00 AM. This allow you the flexibility to set your own schedule.