About Orbit Cleaning Concepts

Consistent Quality, Competitive Pricing, True Value

Orbit Cleaning Concepts

Orbit Cleaning Concepts was founded in July 2014 as a Franchise-based company that would train and provide management support to small business franchise owners, allowing them to provide the best combination of superior cleaning service at a reasonable price. The management team, which has over 50 years of experience in the commercial cleaning industry, understands that by providing quality service coupled with the recent technological advances made in the commercial cleaning industry, it could provide the competitive pricing that its customers require. With the advances in cleaning technology, our service to your facility doesn’t just improve the aesthetics, it provides you with a healthier environment.

The Management Team

Charles Morrison
President/Director of Operations

Chuck brings many years of experience in the commercial cleaning industry to his position at Orbit Cleaning Concepts. He started with a large commercial cleaning franchise company as Operations Manager. Later, Chuck became Director of Operations for a Master Franchise within a $300 million commercial cleaning franchise company. More recently, Chuck was director of operations for a large airport cleaning company that serviced airlines.

With Chuck’s background in commercial cleaning and overseeing franchise training, he will ensure that new franchisees are well-prepared for running their own businesses and ready to provide quality service to our customers.

Richard Whitaker
Vice President/Director of Franchise Operations

Before heading up the day-to-day operations of Orbit Cleaning Concepts, Richard started out in the commercial cleaning industry as a unit franchise owner. Building on his success, he co-founded a Master Franchise in one of the largest commercial cleaning franchise companies in the world. From there he rose to Vice President of Operations in a $300 million commercial cleaning franchise company.

Because Richard was a Unit Franchisee, Master Franchisee and corporate Vice President he understands what it takes to start your own business.